Here is your guide to the best restaurants in Vienna – all tested and approved by local gourmet lovers, a.k.a. Team Ambassador!

We absolutely love to be out in the city and explore our favorite places and discover the new starlets all the time.

Sure, Vienna is full of great restaurants, and it can be challenging to find the right one.  

And it does not even matter if you are just visiting the city or live here.

We constantly get the question from friends when they come to Vienna: “Where should we go?”

New restaurants opening, good ones gone bad – and of course all those fancy, media-pushed top-lists.

So, yes – where should you go, really?

  • Here it is: From fine dining to traditional, from everybody-knows-it to hidden-gem – here is an extensive list of restaurants that are worth checking out.
  • Here’s our promise: Team Ambassador has dined at each of those restaurants, and in most of them repeatedly. Just to make sure the list is accurate and up-to-date for you!

The list is in alphabetical order, but you can filter it based on certain criteria!

Type of cuisine

Awarded Restaurants

Vienna’s Best Restaurants – According to Local Gourmet Lovers


1 Michelin Star, 4 Gault Millau Toques (18,5/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Modern | Mollardgasse 76, 1060 Vienna | Website| Phone: +43 1 5953416

This one blew our mind because it was a little under our radar despite already having one Michelin-star in its first year. Chef Fabian Günzel, a long time sous-chef for Silvio Nickol, seems to have a mission.

The restaurant features an open kitchen, in which everything works like a clock without any hectic rush.

Best restaurants in Vienna: [aend]

The idea is simplistic – and in total contrast to the style of his master Silvio, who usually combines a gazillion ingredients in very complex dishes.

Fabian, in many cases, only takes two main ingredients. His menu always reads “A & B”… like “Risotto & Foie Gras”.

But what he does is fantastic.

Fabian is still full of creativity and usually changes his entire menu with 15 dishes every few weeks.

We were honestly completely caught by surprise and have loved it ever since.

It will be fun to see if this is a restaurant who can take it to its second Michelin star.

Sommelier Simon Schuber, named Gault & Millau Sommelier of the year 2020, also deserves a special notion.

He delivered a sensational pairing, one that perfectly accentuated flavours or laid back when it needed to.

A sometimes very classical haute-cuisine mixed with local ingredients and dishes. Aend, a great and exciting addition to the Viennese restaurant scene.

Amador Restaurant

3 Michelin Stars, 5 Gault Millau Toques (19/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Creative | Grinziniger Strasse 86, 1190 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 660 9070500

In early 2019 Juan Amador became the first-ever restaurant in Austria to receive a third Michelin star.

Definitely an outstanding achievement, considering it is also his third restaurant where he achieved this recognition.

Located in the “Heurigen” district of Grinzing, it’s a bit far-off but worth the travel (yes, from the first district, this counts as travel!). The tables are basically in an old wine-cellar – unless you sit in the show-kitchen, which is just at the entrance to the right.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Amador

Back when they got the third star, it was a bit surprising and overwhelming for them, but just coming from our second visit, the verdict is clear:

That is definitely three stars! Sometimes it is that simple.

Juan, an extremely disciplined working horse, is performing at an absolute top level and offers his classical dishes like his “Dove Mieral” and surprises with an Asian touch or deserts re-assembling sweets from our youth.

The way he manages to highlight flavours in your mouth while it all explodes is sensational.

Absolutely amazing to have such a great restaurant in town!


1 Michelin Star, 4 Gault Millau Toques (17/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Creative | Am Heumarkt 35-37, 1030 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 9074747

They may have won prices for their stunning interior design – but no worries, what they deliver on your table will not disappoint at all. Apron was a restaurant that came out of nowhere and in an unexpected location (hotel restaurants are often extremely difficult).

Located perfectly central and right at the axis of Schwarzenbergplatz, first and third district, it sets to perform from the very start. There are an excellent emphasis and knowledge of wine, and the team’s creativity behind chef Stefan Speiser is refreshingly different.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Apron

It is a very modern interpretation of Austrian kitchen that manages to surprise while capturing the true essence of essential ingredients we all know on a different level.

In June 2020, they were rewarded with their first Michelin star – and it is totally deserved!
While definitely fine-dine, it is a very relaxed environment that could be the restaurant for many different occasions.

Beef & Glory

1 Gault Millau Toque (12/20pts)
Steak | Florianigasse 35, 1080 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 9974155

Their focus is clear – meat! This steakhouse in the eight district focuses exactly on that.

A good variety of cuts, ranging from local producers and internationals, like grass-fed beef from New Zealand.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Beef & Glory

In November 2021 they were ranked as 19th best steakhouse by the “World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants” – quite impressive!

A lovely, decorated interior, including their showcase-fridge of their cuts, invites you to sit in and enjoy perfectly grilled beef. They even dry-age their beef up to 60 days, damn that is giving you an aroma!

Worthwhile mentioning, they use a unique grill heating up to 1000°C! That is exactly the kind of crust we want.


Traditional | Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 660 815 24 13

Technically not a restaurant, but: It’s gotta be in that list!

There are plenty of wurst-stands in Vienna – but in terms of popularity, none reaches the infamous “Bitzinger”, located at the flip-side of the Vienna States Opera house and the Albertina Museum.

It is not unusual to see elegantly dressed people coming from an opera to get in line with tourists and locals. It’s quite a scenery when somebody orders any kind of traditional sausages with champagne.

Anybody goes there, including the Viennese haute-volée made of politics and other more-or-less VIPs.

That’s also Vienna. Even though it is “just” a wurst stand, it is an integral part of this city’s culture.

Caffe Bacco

Mediterranean, Italian | Margaretenstraße 25, 1040 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 5856690

Yes the name sounds horrible – but that is one of the best Italian places we have in Vienna!

It was instution already, but the former chef passed away a few years ago. Thankfully, Paolo and Zuly Savoro took the place and the glory remained.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Caffe Baco

They are passionate, cook what they want, there never really has a menu at all.

That is lovely, and you feel at home with friends.

Very authentic dishes far away from the All-In Italian places. The interior looks, let us say, from a different era, yet that is part of the history of this place.

Add one or more lovely Italian wines and you have the perfect evening with real Italian flair.


Asian, Chinese | Johannesgasse 9-13, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 9459919

A rather new, small restaurant in the middle of the first district. It’s basically Chinese tapas, and you will see in a good way.

The menu invites you to order all across and have it on the table to share. There are way too many good things which are offered.

We loved the variations of dim-sum, gyoza or gua baos. All of them are very delicious and of great quality, definitely a great approach to traditional Asian cuisine in a low-key, nicely decorated environment. Somehow, they manage to bring a new, slightly different flair to Vienna in terms of their cuisine.


Asian, Chinese | Himmelpfortgasse 27, 1010 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 2089210

If you see it, you will pass by. Because despite its central location and being close to the Ronacher theatre it doesn’t really look special. Just like another Chinese restaurant.

But one thing stands out – it is usually filled with Chinese people. That’s a great sign!

When we went in first, finding a German or English menu was an issue. The communication was  bumpy, we were not precisely sure what would come.

… and it was great, it seemed much closer to a Chinese cuisine than to a European adaptions. Which explains why so many Chinese people and very few others are in there.

Also, if they say it is not hot it most likely is.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Chuan

We are talking about a Sichuan cuisine that is not even the hottest in all of China, just remember!

They had closed for about a year due to renovation, which als gave them their current name – simply “Chuan”, while it was previously named “New Sichuan”.

Try one of their hot-pots with sea bass as a main, you will love it.

Das Lokal im Hof

Bistro & Brasserie | Weyringergasse 36, 1040 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 9719141

The restaurant was taken over a few years ago when their original owners stepped back. It did change a bit, the dishes got more fine and elaborated, the wine menu was significantly upgraded and yet prices absolutely fair.

Located in a former milk-headquarter and factory, it does have a lovely garden in the inside and is especially crowded during summer.

There is a high-risk you might sit longer tasting wine after wine here, the enthusiasm by Andreas Lux is definitely the key here.

Let us hope this places stays that way, because unfortunately, Andreas Lux announced he is stepping back from this project in December 2023.

Das Magazin

Traditional | Riemergasse 14, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 512 77 87

Close to the heart of Vienna’s tourist miles this little place offers true and traditional Viennese cuisine. All the classical dishes including seasonal specialities, you name it.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Das Magazin

A greatly priced restaurant, that also has a very good wine menu. That is quite rare in that area.

That is why a lot of locals are regulars at this place.

However, be aware that their portions are huge! Absolutely lovely in the summer as well, as their little outdoor area is in a side street and usually quiet.

A definite place to see also on Sunday’s, where many peers have closed.

Das Motto (Original)

Traditional | Schönbrunnerstrasse 30, 1050 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 587 06 72

This one has been a hotspot for quite some time, I’ve been there when we attended university, and I go there today. Several changes through the years, but it’s industrial chic-style and flair never really changed.

The best thing? You can usually go there after midnight, and the kitchen is still open – albeit it might already went it to “bar-mode”. Easily a place you can live in, and thanks to its setup, you probably don’t even notice what time a day it is.

The favourite on the menu for ages? “Schinkenfleckerl” – Ham gratinated with cheese. Just lovely!

There is also a dependence right at the Danube-canal, called “Motto am Fluss”. That is more like day-drinking, especially in summer and having cocktails.

Their kitchen is definitely not at the level of our good, old and original Motto!

Die Palette

3 Gault Millau Toques (16/20pts)

Bistro & Brasserie, Mediterranean, Seafood | Vorgartenmarkt, Box 22 + 23, 1020 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 664 200 00 54

Definitely one of craziest restaurants on this list. This description fits als its owner, Gerd Sievers – king of the “Vorgartenmarkt”.

Author of countless books and tv-series and a really funny guy. Incredible knowledge about ingredients in general, which he collects from all over the world. 

A truly original chef and host!

If you come in here you can expect the best of the best ingredients, even better than 3-star Michelin restaurants. That is simply because of quantity reasons. He might have of a certain fish only 10 portions – that’s it.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Die Pallette – Bistro

His knowledge about preparing especially seafood is beyond imagination. He can explain every little step he is performing, every sauce he creates.

However, be prepared to not leave the place. It is not unusual for us to come for lunch and leave at 1am.

Add a very delicate wine menu and a bit of champagne or sake, and you have the recipe for a perfect bistro in the heart of this market.

He runs a twofold concept: There is the main restaurant with chef’s table, and an a-la carte version. Today, everything is called simply “Die Palette” – the Bistro and other names have gone, but the magic stays!

DiningRuhm (with SushiRuhm)

2 Gault Millau Toques (14,5/20pts)
Asian, Japanese, Nikkei | Lambrechtgasse 9, 1040 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 9452224

They may have had a rough start due to their location in the 4th district close to the “Gürtel”, but meanwhile are fully established in Vienna.

The brother Sascha and Marcel (Chef) Ruhm have always wanted to open their own restaurant, and eventually did. Lucky Vienna. Trained in some of the best restaurants (Landhaus Bacher, The Fat Duck, Nobu-chain) they have created their own version of a Nikkei-cuisine and Asian touch in a contemporary way.

Best restaurants in Vienna: DiningRuhm

While they offer á l a carte there is also the option for gourmet and family-styled menus – which is my recommendation for you. A clear path is the signature in here, everything matches and is perfectly prepared. Also, many local ingredients are incorporated into their dishes.

In 2020 they also opened their sushi bar, “SushiRuhm”. This definitely takes their already great variations of Sushi to the next level, as the preparation happens “Tokyo style” right in front of you.

Absolutely recommended for a great night in an upscale Nikkei restaurant in Vienna.

DSTRIKT Steakhouse Ritz Carlton

2 Gault Millau Toques (13/20pts)
Steak | Schubertring 5–7, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 31188

The upscale steakhouse in the Vienna Ritz Carlton has pretty much established itself as one of the best in town. Executive Chef Stephan Zuber and his team maintain a quite constant, high-quality cuisine.

In November 2021 they were ranked as 29th best steakhouse by the “World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants”!

That’s even though a few years ago, the beef tartar was still prepared right at your table and now comes fully plated and straight out of the kitchen.

All is based around meat, and they usually have some special cuts depending on the season. Usually sourced from Austria, but occasionally also from other countries.

However, the menu is larger than that – offering all kinds of starters like oysters, fish or Bouillabaisse. The side range from their infamous truffled fries to sautéed vegetables, and a great variety of sauces.

Last but for sure not least: Trust the sommelier of the house! Sindy Kretschmar is one of the best and also very charismatic.

If you still got place – close with the cheesecake. You won’t regret it. Side-note: Sunday’s offers a very good steak brunch, including free-flow champagne, oysters & lots of other delicious stuff. Pro-tip: Don’t go for too much carbs like bread, it would be a waste!


1 Gault Millau Toque (11/20pts)
Mediterranean, Greek | Judenplatz 9, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5351577

A modern Greek restaurant, at the end of “Judenplatz” in the first district. Established in 2006 it is meanwhile a very well-known restaurant here, full of the Mediterranean cuisine we love.

You will especially love their preparation of fish – this is exactly how it should be. Many restaurants seem to want to kill fish a second time. Here you will find it tender and soft.

While also inside very sleek and nicely designed its especially fun to sit outside. With the right temperature, so summer-madness, and given the surroundings it almost feels like a short trip to a Greek, ancient city!

Gasthaus Grünauer

2 Gault Millau Toques (14/20pts)
Traditional | Hermanngasse 32, 1070 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5264080

A family-owned restaurant since 1957, and located in the seventh district.

A place you would never just walk in. This is a shame because then you would miss the beautiful hospitality of chef Christian Grünauer and his team.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Gasthaus Grünauer

They serve all the Viennese classics – from Schnitzel to Gulasch.

Using high-quality ingredients and serving huge portions, good luck going all-in here!

The wine-selection for those who skip the beer is more than enough. A perfect place to witness authentic, Viennese “Wirtshaus” culture from the good old days!

Gmoa Keller

1 Gault Millau Toque (11/20pts)
Traditional | Am Heumarkt 25, 1030 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 7125310

One of the very traditional restaurants, just on the other side of the “Stadtpark”. It serves the entire Viennese cuisine the good ol’ fashion way, yet a little innovated.

If you want to really experience all the classics, seasonal highlights or innards – that is one place to go.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a beer and Schnitzel, and I love it if I see someone not mixing up “Viennese Schnitzel” and “Schnitzel Viennese style”.

Pretty much everyone living here knows this place, and loves it too!

Gourmet Restaurant Silvio Nickol

2 Michelin Stars, 5 Gault Millau Toques (19/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Modern | Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 51818130

Located in the beautiful Palais Coburg, Silvio Nickol has been a staple for years.

He definitely showcases why he has been carrying around the two Michelin stars for ages, and it is most probably going to stay exactly that way.

Silvio can literally combine countless ingredients into one complex single dish.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Silvio Nickol

Normally, that is a recipe to fail – but he just manages all flavours to explode at the right point. The “mushroom dressed as foie-gras” dish? Amazing – no wonder they freaked out at Restaurant Ikarus (Silvio was a guest-chef there) when they had to prepare this every night.

Another important aspect is the wine cellar. Probably around 60.000 bottles are stored, which gives an incredible depth and endless flexibility for the wine pairing.

They offer a standard and vintage one. We ended up having wines like a 1993 Château Mouton Rothschild or a 1987 Sassicaia. Definitely Sommelier Thomas Juranitsch has a stunning basis to choose from that is unseen in any other restaurant around here.

Heunisch & Erben

3 Gault Millau Toques (16,5/20pts)
Bistro & Brasserie | Landstraßer Hauptstraße 17, Seidlgasse 36, 1030 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 2868563

Here is another place that focuses on a high-quality wine menu paired with a well thought and executed menu, which you can order as a tasting menu or a la carte.

Frankly speaking, just trust them and go with the tasting menu! They will have great recommendations out of their splendid wine menu.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Heunisch & Erben

Elegant understatement in terms of design, and certainly a sure bet for a great evening out.

It is close but not in the centre of Vienna, thus also fairly priced but always loaded.

We also love their selection of open wines, and definitely their recommendations which suit every type of wine enthusiast.

Il Melograno

2 Gault Millau Toques (14/20pts)
Mediterranean, Italian | Blumenstockgasse 5, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5127784

A bit different, a bit more like the real Italy.

This small restaurant is located in one of the back-alleys behind the “Steffl” shopping centre.

However, they are definitely not targeting tourists even though being so close to “Kärntner Strasse”.

They offer a reduced, classical menu – from anti-pasti to paste, pesce & carne. Amazing – who needs 381 different types of pasta and the infamous stupidity of “Spaghetti alla Bolognese”?

It is especially lovely when the weather allows you to sit outside, as their street does not allow for cars.

Their Italian cuisine is of very high quality. It really reminds of Italy. It is really a very different atmosphere.

The best part: The chef himself does sometimes comes out and… just sings for the guests. What might sound cheesy is in this case amazing, as his voice is really good.

He also simply says thank you to the guests, asks if everything was good and disappears back into the kitchen – no annoying questions for special-tips. Marvellous!


Bistro & Brasserie | Hoher Markt 10, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5321032

A classical hotspot for teens and twens, but also a good place to be if you’re a few years older. Lovely place to sit outside if the weather allows this Brasserie by the Figlmüller brothers is a staple.

A good menu ranging from Mediterranean to Viennese classics (including the infamous Schnitzel!), also a very nice place to start the day with breakfast and drinks. They even play with Asian influences here and there.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Joma

Very easily a place where you can come at lunchtime and leave when they close the shop for the night.

Joseph’s Brot

Bistro & Brasserie, Bakery | Führichgasse 6, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: n/a

Josef Weghaupt opened the first “Joseph’s Brot” (Brot = bread) in 2011, at a time where bakerys were basically dead and supermarkets running over their head.

He was one responsible for a new boom for high-quality bread.

Well, by now there are quite a few “Joseph’s Brot” in Vienna, but those at the flip-side of the Albertina and just before the Kärntner-Strasse (Führichgasse 6, 1010) and at the beginning of the 3rd district (Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4, 1030) invite not only to buy some bread and pastries – but also to sit-in!

They also have a stunning menu to sit-in and have breakfast or a lunch. Usually they are packed during rush-hours, so beware!

Also, they do offer good coffee – which is not the norm anymore in Vienna, unfortunately!

Konstantin Filippou

2 Michelin Stars, 5 Gault Millau Toques (19/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Modern, Mediterranean | Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5122229

Konstantin Filippou sure as hell he left a deep impression when we had a chef’s table at his restaurant in the Dominikanerbastei of the first district.

Half Greek, half Austria and born in Styria, Konstantin changed his direction a few times. Right now he is mostly into a Mediterranian way of fish and seafood. If you are like the Ambassadors – you’ll love it (albeit some did say “I miss the meat”).

Best restaurants in Vienna: Konstantin Filippou

Honestly, I didn’t. His love for seafood is matching my passion just perfectly.

He manages to create small dishes with a great platings that lead you to think “one too many ideas” – and then you feel the explosion in your mouth when it all comes together and it just makes sense.

Definitely a genius in his craft, who openly challenges himself to go for the third star.

Additionally, they have followed the natural wine trend (“Orange wine”). Well, if you love these new developments, you also will love his wine pairings. He managed to really impress all of us wine-wizards.

He usually comes in the top area of any restaurant-ranking in Vienna, and that’s for a reason.

Also worth checking out is “O Boufés”, his bistro just next doors!


Mediterranean, Catalan, Tapas | Rueppgasse 24, 1020 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 660 3649885

This one is in my heart! A Catalan restaurant in Vienna, and it took me a while to find it.

It is basically a very traditional approach to Catalan tapas and wine. Pau, coming from Catalunya (about an hour away from Barcelona), is a very passionate chef who loves food and watching FC Barcelona play.

Sandrine from Germany is the other part and usually takes care about the service in house. Since 2013 they have their restaurant in the 2nd district in Vienna and their regulars love it.

Best restaurants in Vienna: L’Ase

I love them for having a lot of the “original” tapas from Catalunya, prepared the traditional way. It is great for sharing – we usually just tell them to bring us a good selection for all of us to share.

This is exactly how it should be. Add a few of wines from that region, usually some specially selected ones”, and you’re about to have a great evening with a Catalonian flair!

Mama Konstantina

3 Gault Millau Toques (16/20pts)

Fine-Dine, Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood | Döblinger Hauptstraße 17, 1190 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 4380095

The third restaurant from Konstantin Filippou, this time in the 19th district. First of all, Mama Konstantina is the name of a good friend in Greece.

The restaurant started as catering company and with chef tables only, but by now it also operates as a regular restaurant.

Konstantin, especially in the beginnings, was often there himself, explaining dishes and their origins. A lot of those come from the landside of Greece, thus lesser known.

However, not less exceptional!

The cuisine here is very light, a blend of different flavours that make you feel you’re actually in Greece.

Definitely a great new version of his vision from Greece.

Mama Liu & Sons

Asian, Chinese | Gumpendorfer Straße 29, 1060 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5863673

The hottest tip in town in terms of … hot pots!

Don’t get me wrong, they have a lot of good stuff on their menu. Like handmade dim-sums in all kinds of variations.

But what is truly standing out are their hot pots, and they can be really “hot”! Based on extremely well-prepared stocks and with many different ingredients – you must taste them if you got there.

Ideally a restaurant to share, you will not be disappointed as it is slightly different to most of the other Asian restaurants in town.

MAST Weinbistro

3 Gault Millau Toques (15,5/20pts)
Bistro & Brasserie | Porzellangasse 53, 1090 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 9226679

Matthias Pitra and Steve Breitzke have created a beautiful place around their wine & dine concept. Situated in the 9th district it is away from the classical inner-city destinations, it is really chilled and offers a relaxed atmosphere.

The star of MAST is most definitely their extremely well-compiled wine menu – it ranges of so many pages, you either have deep wine knowledge yourself or simply rely on the great recommendations from the hosts.

Best restaurants in Vienna: MAST Weinbistro

Also, their food is splendid! We usually try to have a few people on board such that they can serve you virtually anything on the menu in a sharing-tapas-concept.

That way we can ensure to get the full range of their culinary journey!

Mraz & Sohn

2 Michelin Stars, 4 Gault Millau Toques (18,5/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Creative | Wallensteinstraße 59, 1200 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 13304594

Rebels? Maybe. But no matter what they claim, but this is fine-dine. However, with a twist – or two!

The chefs, Father Markus and son Lukas Mraz, literally rock the open kitchen in a sick way, no borders are untouched. Meanwhile, Manuel makes sure the staff is on point.

Everything is less formal, and a lot of fun. Definitely different from most 2 Michelin star restaurants.

They basically use all variations of ingredients, add different flavours from Asian cuisines, and re-work classics to give them a new face. Anything they do is full of surprises.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Mraz & Sohn

Nobody cares about any limits – whatever they deem appropriate is going on a plate. Sometimes crazy, sometimes quiet and unagitated – but always amazing!

Their wine-pairing includes “so-called natural wines”, which is of course always welcomed with us.

Everywhere you look are funny, sometimes a little provocating quotes. Like in their outstanding wine menus.

It is virtually impossible to not love those guys and to feel you sit in their living room.

Side-note: Lukas Mraz sometimes cooks in the restaurant of his mother, the amazing Woracziczky!


3 Gault Millau Toques (15,5/20pts)

Bistro & Brasserie, Mediterranean, Seafood | Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 512 22 29 10

The bistro from Konstantin Filippou is right next to his Michelin starred restaurant, and always good for a casual night with great food and lots of, preferably natural, wines.

In the summer there is a nice outside garden available, which helps of course.

There is a natural focus on seafood and Mediterranean flavours, but that is not the limit.

We love to spend easy nights there, which tend to run very later. Every single time. That’s most probably a good sign!


Bistro & Brasserie, Bakery | Wollzeile 31, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: n/a

Another one of those responsible for the quality-bread-boom. The family-owned bakery really questioned everything and started to deliver amazing breads decades ago, based on sustainable ingredients and processes.

Their store in the first district is often on the list if we need bread, but also here they offer a few places to sit-in and enjoy their breads.

However, what they are putting on one slice of bread is insane – both in terms of quality and size!

We tried 3 breads and different topics and nearly had to give up.

Absolutely amazing way to start the day or grab a snack during the day!

PARÉMI Boulangerie – Pâtisserie

Bistro & Brasserie, Bakery | Bäckerstraße 10, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 9974148

Okay, count your calories! Because the moment you come in and smell all the deliciousness you will try to find a place (good luck!), order coffee or wine, maybe even champagne and that’s it!

Say chocolate Pain au chocolat, anyone?

Rémi Soulier und Patricia Petschnig have created an absolute hotspot in town, and it almost feels you’re in Paris. You even get the tourists for free!

Seriously, in here I want to see if you can control yourself – because I barely can!

This is definitely a perfect breakfast and brunch spot – that is why it is almost always fully loaded during those times.

Side-note: Anyone in the first district tries to buy their baguette, because it is the best. So for Christmas and New Year’s Eve you better pre-order, or you will go home empty!

Pizza Bussi Ciao

Mediterranean, Italian, Pizzeria | Piaristengasse 15, 1080 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 9244859

Pizza is a difficult topic. Anyone makes it, but barely anyone should.

First of all, they are making a quite good dough and this how it should be. Most of the time, at least!

They also have the traditional versions of pizza available, the ones I love. Like a good, old-fashioned Margherita!

Now, they won’t call it that way because the love fancy names. Apologies accepted, because it is really good.

However, for those who love it, they also have sometimes obscure and even questionable (say Hawaii, anyone?) versions. I assume they are good too, but they are not our style.

Nevertheless, you want great Pizza – that is your place!

Pramerl & The Wolf

1 Michelin Star, 4 Gault Millau Toques (17,5/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Creative | Pramergasse 21, 1090 Wien Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 9464139

What a crazy place! What small place!

The guys in there are definitely in for some crazy hours. The dishes are quite innovative, full of great products and follow some sort of storyline.

Then again, not. But that makes it so great.

We dined there during truffles season, and they were literally shooting out caviar and truffles every other dish.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Pramerl & The Wolf

While it sounds overboarding – it definitely was not and never over-powered any dish, rather complimented it.

A bit unconvential but very receptive to their guests, they also pull of a stunning wine-pairing. We even got a lot of surprises on the side, must have been our love for wine!

Restaurant JOLA

3 Gault Millau Toques (16,5/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Vegan | Salzgries 15, 1010 Wien Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 276 09 48

Former TIAN chef Jonathan Wittenbrink and his partner Larrisa Andres opened their own, vegan place in Vienna in 2022.

Let me say, a fantastic addition to the Viennese restaurant scenery and one that is up for the race to receive a Michelin star.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Restaurant JOLA

A set menu based on regional products, with significant additions of Asian and especially Japanese influences, create a wonderful evening for anyone. The open kitchen is fun to watch, where the small team pulls of a great menu night after night.

It is absolutely lovely to see these concepts are working and gaining more popularity.

Their wine and partially non-alcoholic pairing is also quite good, and Larissa does make a great host.

Restaurant Shanghai

2 Gault Millau Toques (13,5/20pts)
Asian, Chinese | Jasomirgottstraße 6, 1010 Wien Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 5337419

Where do I even start here? Tim Urban runs this place in the middle of Vienna in his very own way.

First of all, the food is outstanding! Just think about his spring rolls filled with blood sausage!

Best restaurants in Vienna: Restaurant Shanghai

They rotate a lot, and while it is an authentic Chinese cuisine it is also very modern and even on the higher-end, depending on the dish.

It is one of those places where you can let them create a great menu, without saying anything specific.

Also make sure to read through the wine menu, it is fantastic! Tim loves wine, and you can judge that based on what he has in his reportaire.

Reasonably prices too, alongside with fanstastic food, this is a great place for a simple lunch or a long evening with friends.

Restaurant Herzig

3 Gault Millau Toques (16/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Creative | Schanzstrasse 14, 1150 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 664 1150300

A lucky shot as we went there first just a few weeks after their grand (or rather soft) opening – nobody had chef Sören Herzig on any list. At least, not back then.

Sören had accompanied Three-Michelin-star Chef Juan Amador from Germany to Vienna and at some point decided to open his own restaurant. That was a pretty good decision for Vienna!

Best restaurants in Vienna: Restaurant Herzig

It may be located a bit far off in the 15th district – but it offers a highlight right off the bat.

Their rooftop serves – if warm enough – as a stunning spot to enjoy welcome drinks, including a perfect view of Schloss Schönbrunn.

A rather dark-themed, simplistic designed restaurant, the cuisine is following what Sören had seen with Juan Amador. If he follows his vision this restaurant is easily one of those that could take-off in the next one or two years.

His talent is obvious, and I am excited to see how he and the restaurant will develop.


2 Gault Millau Toques (14,5/20pts)
Asian, Japanese | Florianigasse 36, 1080 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 7296541

Hiroshi Sakai was a long time the Chef in “Unkai”, the Japanese sushi restaurant in Vienna’s Grand Hotel. When he decided to open his own restaurant in the 8th district I was all ears and returned many times since then.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Sakai

Traditional Japanese specialities, prepared in an authentic way. His Kaiseki-menu is following clear rules and is a journey to much more than just Sushi.

His cuisine is definitely very close to Japan, and can be orderd also á la carte.

They also offer lots of Japanese Sake, whiskey and beer to make you really feel the entire experience.

Absolutely one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in Vienna, very splendid!


Traditional | Prater 116, 1020 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 7280152-0

Let me put it this way: It is a Viennese institution and for sure in every goddamn tourist guide.

Usually, you should avoid those places. But not in this case.

There are not too many beer gardens in Vienna. First of all, they got excellent quality beer. Second of all, there is a constant flow of it. It’s simply amazing to watch this.

The other thing is everyone living in Vienna must go there at least once a year and have the classical “Stelz’n” (pork knuckle). I gotta admit, that one is simply delicious – especially how crusty it is.

Give me a sunny day, and this dish – heaven! Sure, there are other decent things on the menu as well, but this is really it.

PS: It’s a tourist place; thus make sure your waiter is counting your beers correctly.

Shiki (Fine Dine & Brasserie)

1 Michelin Star, 4 Gault Millau Toques (17,5/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Japanese | Krugerstrasse 3, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5127397

We may be biased here. It is one of our regular spots, not just to dine but to just stop by for some oysters and drinks. Where do we even start?

Best restaurants in Vienna: Shiki

Shiki, close to Kärntner Strasse and the Vienna Opera, is divided into two sections – a brasserie á la cart and a fine-dine area. While both are great, they are a little different.

The fine-dine area, awarded with one Michelin star, is very elegantly designed without any windows and offers a set tasting menu, which is also available as a vegetarian option. Please make sure you go for the Sake-pairing – because this one I usually stunning!

Robert – who usually runs the bar – is a master if it comes to Sake. We never order with him. We just let him do. The same goes for sommelier Roman Bolschetz.

The fine-dine menu is usually broadly covering Japanese cuisine. Yes, there is also Sushi, but it is only a course or maybe two. From fish to meat, vegetables to sauces – one dish after the other will leave you stunned.

The Brasserie also offers a small menu called “Omakase”, definitely worth checking out – and make sure you give oysters and the mixed sushi platter a shot.

A little more casual and with a huge window front – and a nice garden on the street-side in the summer.

Shiki, like very few restaurants, usually manages to make you feel you’re a regular guest. That is rare these days and often makes us come for just a drink… just sit at the bar and have Sushi (oh that fatty tuna!), Sake and maybe some oysters.

Fun fact: They always keep a table for the Japanese Embassy in the back, just in case!


Modern| Taborstraße 1, 1020 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 212415199

This restaurant came out of nowhere and immediately became a hotspot in town. Situated just in the second district it features a progressive, sometimes futuristically chaotic design and decorated with a hunch of craziness.

While indeed featuring classical, down-to-earth dishes, it absolutely levels them up in terms of quality and plating. Absolutely get the “Steckerlfisch” (fish on a stick) – remains my favourite ever since.

Somehow all these thrown-together things work out marvelous, the crew is living the spirit, and you can sit well after the dinner is finished and just enjoy wine or cocktails, and if it’s only at the bar.

Can we have more of those crazy, new things, please?

Steirereck im Stadtpark

2 Michelin Stars, 5 Gault Millau Toques (19/20pts), #17 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants
Fine-Dine, Creative | Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 7133168

This is probably the most famous restaurant in town – a true Viennese institution! Their futuristic building in the midst of the Stadtpark caused a fuzz when opened. Now it is somewhat iconic.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Steirereck im Stadtpark

Chef Heinz Reitbauer is rightfully ranking at the top of any best-of-lists, one of the country’s best! Awarded with 2 Michelin stars and for years in the top 20 of the “50 Best” list.

Serving classics á la carte as well as cutting-edge, re-interpreted dishes based on traditional, local ingredients as part of their tasting menu, they clearly show how they became a legend in the Austrian culinary scenery.

Steirereck is always a safe bet in terms of culinary enjoyment, which is visible by the many locals who are regular.

However, the service is a bit hit-and-miss. They do focus on industry peers (guess why they got certain ratings and hospitality awards), which leaves normal folks stranded in there, which is absolutely a shame for such a restaurant.

Additionally, the restaurant’s flip-side hosts the “Meierei im Stadtpark”. Here they offer upscale Viennese cuisine from the morning to the evening, a cheaper alternative but still a very good option.


Asian, Korean, Japanese | Singerstraße 13, 1010 Wien Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 1 5128426

They claim they are also Japanese, but primarily this is a fantastic Korean place with authentic cuisine.

Absolutely great variety of dishes, excellent to share, with lots of classical flavours and variations you probably have seen in all those documentaries.

Every dish typically brings a lot of side plates, such that the table is always full. It is easily an place where you can hang out for hours with friends and family and enjoy many different dishes.

Their service is also very friendly, always taking some time to explain what the dish is and how it is eaten.

They achieved some popularity during the pandemic when their “Kor-Dog” went viral, but unfortunately, we never made it because the queue was insanely long!

Takan’s Delikatessen

Bistro & Brasserie, Mediterranean, Seafood | Kutschkermarkt Stand 48, 1180 Vienna| Website | Phone: +43 650 2600485

A marketplace is sometimes very tricky. Great restaurants and bistros are next to ones you want to skip. At Takan’s at the Kutschermarkt (18th district) you will love to stay.

First of all, their hospitality is insane. We felt like their best friends after a few minutes.

Best restaurants in Vienna: Suat’s Delikatessen

Takan and his crew know to make you feel at home, they love to surprise you with their seafood-based creations and they also have a really good selection of wines.

There are few places on markets like this. However, there is limited seating capacity (especially inside), so you do better reserve a spot!

Tartarie Marie

Bistro & Brasserie, Modern | Freisingergasse 1, 1010 Vienna |  Website  | Phone: +43 664 1010064

Tartarie Marie, as the name might indicate, is all about.. tartar!

An extremely small store where you basically only stand, if you’re lucky. The garden outside has probably 3 seats. Very obscure.

But what they create is magic! Many different, small bites of tartars – not only with beef but also with fish or vegetables, placed on a brioche.

They absolutely invented something new in this town, and that deserves credit. Great for a quick hop if you are hungry, enjoy a glass or two wine and then move on.

Taubenkogel – Vienna Pop-Up [Seasonal]

4 Gault Millau Toques (18,5/20pts) Note: Based on their original location in Schützen/Gebirge!
Fine-Dine, Modern | changing locations Vienna | Website| Phone: +43 2684 2297

Chef Alain Weissgerber usually excites in his restaurant in Burgenland, with Barbara Eselböck running the show.

“Taubenkogel” has a long tradition. Founder and previous chef Walter Eselböck, together with his wife Eveline, even achieved two Michelin stars (right now, no Michelin stars in Austria are awarded, except for Vienna and Salzburg).

Nowadays, they use the down-season (especially December ist not precisely a time where anyone will take a one-hour drive into the middle of bloody cold Winterland) and open a pop-up in an old, historic building in Vienna.

2019 was the year of “Grand Kobel” as it took place in a grand, old ballroom in the second district – 2020 it had to be cancelled altogether, unfortunately.

We got a last-minute table and were first and foremost astonished by what they made out of the place, how the entire staff was dressed in historical outfits to make you feel this all took place 100 years ago.

Around six weeks long, you can enjoy the talent of Alan and Barbara’s hospitality and their journey through classical dishes, fish and vegetables – and when you think that is it, you will be guided to the insanely colossal dessert table.

Probably a fixture any given year for us!

TIAN Bistro am Spittelberg

Vegetarian | Schrankgasse 4, 1070 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 5269491

I said it before – the bistro-version of TIAN would easily be the best vegetarian – and to a large extent vegan – restaurant in Vienna, if there wasn’t their Michelin-starred fine-dine edition!

Located in the beautiful “Spittelberg” district, TIAN-mastermind Paul Ivic and his team managed to raise the bar in the last year to unknown heights, and they make it seem effortless (which of course it is not!).

Best restaurants in Vienna: TIAN Bistro am Spittelberg

Great for a dinner in the evening, or brunch on weekends – especially their “Chef’s Garden” is a great option for guests to experience a variety of different dishes.

One of very few locations where it is extremely nice to sit either in- or outside – beautifully designed place!

The Bistro has its own style and character, it never “aims” to copy the big sister! Also have a look into their wine menu, full of Austrian highlights and hidden rarities.

TIAN Restaurant Wien

1 Michelin Star, 4 Gault Millau Toques (18/20pts)
Fine-Dine, Vegetarian | Himmelpfortgasse 23, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 8904665

Unless you’re a veggie, I know what you’re gonna say! “Vegetarian?”

You need to believe me here – it’ll blow your mind.

Chef Paul Ivic is one of very few vegetarian chefs who was awarded with a Michelin star – and has one of the most exciting restaurants in the city that certainly deserves a second star.

Suddenly vegetables play a leading role on a plate and do not drown with all their flavours in a side-salad, magnificent!

Best restaurants in Vienna: TIAN Restaurant Wien

They are not trying to replicate any typical “meat dishes” (don’t you think this meatless burger patty-fakes are pathetic and actually un-healthy?), which is always sort of weird to see.

Instead, Paul is starring seasonal ingredients and their different flavours that usually only drown in a side-dish, at best.

The constant elaboration is stunning to see, definitely an exciting place every time!

Sommelier and Chief-Host André Drechsel and his side-kick Nico Hammerl are doing a fabulous job here, both in terms of hospitality and the wine pairing. A great focus on especially Austrian, and natural wines.

Moreover, I tend to award them the “best non-alcoholic” juice pairing in the world. It is nothing you have ever seen before, totally developed and created in-house, perfectly paired with the menu.

These days I usually do the wine and juice pairing in parallel. It’s that good.

They have improved year after year, so at some point even Michelin will have to acknowledge this.

They also own and run a little bistro at Spittelberg – the “Tian Bistro” – click here to check it out!


1 Gault Millau Toque (12,5/20pts)
Traditional | Spengergasse 52, 1050 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 699 11229530

Close to Naschmarkt, you will never see there’s a great restaurant if you don’t know there is one. Actually, a typical Viennese “Beisl” (some sort of pub) it offers all the beautiful classics in great quality for a reasonable price.

A very casual and small place, it almost feels you are home with friends and mum and dad are cooking for everyone.

I was also very much surprised by the excellent wine selection and knowledge they had.

Nothing would have indicated such a beauty from the outside.

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

2 Gault Millau Toques (14/20pts)
Bistro & Brasserie | Bognergasse 5, 1010 Vienna | Website | Phone: +43 1 533812511

A definite legend! Founded back in 1618, it still remains a centrepiece of this town!

The history is long, but it is rare that a place manages to have tourists and regulars side by side, especially today.

As one of their staff said: “We don’t care if you spend hundreds of Euros or just drink 2 coffees, we want to make you feel welcome”.

Agreed, it is a bit more about just sitting their and drinking wine or champagne. Interrupted with their huge selection of excellent Viennese classics or… some oysters.

The “Kameel”, as we simply call it, invites you to get lost.

That is a pretty much perfect definition of a bistro.

Best Restaurants in Vienna – The Map

Best Restaurants in Vienna

The list will change, all the time! That is because the scenery is changing all the time too.

There might be great restaurants that are not on the list – that might simply because we have not yet been there (let me know in the comments if you have a hot tip!).

If you have tips for us to check out or any questions – always let us know in the comments!